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Aizmugurējais lukturis Sigma BrakeLight

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Preces ID: LAMR169
Cena: €5,69 5.69 €9,50

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Cena: €5,69 5.69 €9,50
A minimalistic light for maximum safety -SIGMA BRAKELIGHT has been specially designed for cyclists.

Small, compact design: Measuring 3cm x 3cm, it is a small and inconspicuous accessory. Five different colors are available to match any bike. The streamlined, aerodynamic design looks great on all bikes.
Light weight: The BRAKELIGHT weighs in at an impressively low seven grams. You will be hard pressed to find anything else as small with such amazing safety benefits.
Ultra-bright LED: A small, lightweight light packed with power. A high-power LED in the BRAKELIGHT generates a bright red warning light for perfect visibility by others on the road.
Installing: The SIGMA BRAKELIGHT is compatible with all cable actuated mechanical brakes. The BRAKELIGHT attaches to the rear brake cable using a 2.5 mm hex wrench. Install the light with a little pre-tension, so the BRAKELIGHT illuminates with the slightest tap of the brake lever.
Battery life: The battery typically lasts several years. Exact battery life depends on the cyclist's braking habits. With an average braking period of 2 seconds, it is possible to brake more than 100,000 times before having to change the battery.
Replaceable 1025 battery included: The BRAKELIGHT is powered by a user changeable CR 1015 button cell battery, which is included with the product.
Battery compartment with coin slot: Change the battery with just a coin - no tools required. The lock and unlock symbol make it easy to install the battery door correctly to ensure that water stays out.

Attaches to all cable actuated mechanical brakes
Burn time: approx. 200 h steady, or approx. 100,000 braking processes
Clearly visible, red brake LED during use
Durable, water-resistant housing (IPX 4)
Installs with 2.5mm hex wrench, found on all standard bike tools
LED brake light with replaceable CR 1025 button cell battery
Rounded brass screw to protect the brake cable
Weight: 7 g
Colors: white, black, red, blue, green

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