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Priekšējais lukturis Sigma AURA 40 USB

Preces ID: LAMF231
Cena: €35,90 35.9 €39,95

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Cena: €35,90 35.9 €39,95
The compact front lamp SIGMA AURA 40 USB with 40 lux provides optimum visibility both in the city and in the countryside. It illuminates a good 50 metres with a harmonious light pattern in all 4 light zones. As the name implies, the AURA 40 USB has a built-in micro USB port that allows you to charge the front light at any time. By simply pressing the button, you can switch between 20 and 40 lux and thus be able to perfectly adjust the light intensity to the lighting conditions of the surroundings. he AURA 40 USB has an integrated lithium-ion battery. This is charged via the micro-USB socket, which is also possible on any PC. With the supplied micro USB cable, the rechargeable battery can be fully recharged in a maximum of 3.5 hours. The lithium-ion battery has a protective feature against excess discharge and overcharge. Furthermore, it has no memory effect and can easily be fully charged again. The AURA 40 USB not only illuminates the side zones perfectly, but also ensures optimum visibility in the core, long-distance and near zones, thus ensuring greater safety in road traffic. The integrated silicone holder allows the AURA 40 USB to be mounted on the handlebar without tools and removed again. Even handlebars with 35 mm diameter pose no problem.

2 Light modes: POWER, ECO
Illuminance: 40 LUX (20 LUX in eco mode)
Burning time: 3.5h in standard mode, 7h in eco mode
Power-on protection (double-click for ON)
Spray water protected according to IPX4
360° adjustable bracket
Tool-free assembly
Integrated Micro-USB Charge function
Two-stage battery indicator
Charging during operation possible
Weight: 91 g (incl. holder)
Lateral visibility

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