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Priekšējais lukturis Sigma AURA 60 USB

Preces ID: LAMF265
Cena: €36,99 36.99 €49,95

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Cena: €36,99 36.99 €49,95
With a 70-metre headlight range and 60 lux, the AURA 60 USB illuminates streets and lanes evenly and features improved side visibility with the "Light Guide". This increases safety in road traffic, but also makes the light ideal for sporty riders and commuters. 3 modes, 60 lux in standard mode, 30 lux in mid-mode and 18 lux in eco mode, provide optimal illumination both in the city and off-road. The three modes have burn times between 4 and 10 hours and make the AURA 60 USB suitable for commuters, athletes and any safety-conscious leisure cyclist. Weighing only 105 grams, the AURA 60 USB is lightweight and uniquely designed. The flat, sleek, slightly conical housing and the lateral "Light Guide" complete the sporty look.

High power OSRAM LED
2 Light modes: POWER, STANDARD, ECO
Illuminance: 60 LUX (30 LUX in standard and 18 LUX in eco mode)
Burning time: 4 in POWER mode, 7h in STANDARD mode, 10h in ECO mode
Power-on protection (double-click for ON)
Spray water protected according to IPX4
Charge time from 0% to 100%: ~ 3.5 h
360° adjustable bracket
Tool-free assembly
Integrated Micro-USB Charge function
Two-stage battery indicator
Charging during operation possible
Weight: 105 g (incl. holder)
Side visibility

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