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Aizmugurējie pārslēdzēji Shimano ULTEGRA RD-R8000 11-speed

Preces ID: IRDR8000GS
Cena: €69,99 69.99 €87,99

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Cena: €69,99 69.99 €87,99
The RD-R8000 rear derailleur creates a reduction in shifting effort at the lever, at the same time remaining sure, quick and precise. The groupset offers two specific rear derailleurs: one for cassettes 11-25 and 11-30 and one for cassettes 11-28 and 11-34, securing a smooth ride in even the highest and steepest mountain areas. Due to the integrated Shadow RD Technology with its race-proven, low profile design, the derailleur is more compact and fits closer to the frame, ensuring less damage in a crash.
SHADOW RD: Traditional derailleurs extend wider than the profile of your bike. With its low profile design, Shadow RD is a more compact derailleur that fits closer to the frame, with more direct cable routing. Shadow RD maintains a consistent distance to the cassette for increased shift stability. The reduced body width creates a sleek and smooth appearance, ensuring less damage in a crash.

Cage: Medium (GS) or Short (SS)
Maximum Sprocket: 34 (GS )/ 30T (SS)
Minimum Sprocket: 11T
Maximum Front Difference: 16T
Weight: 210 g (GS) / 200 g (SS)
Capacity: 39T (GS) / 35T (SS)

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