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Ķēde KMC X12 EPT 12-speed 126-links

Preces ID: CHAN151
Cena: €39,99 39.99

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Cena: €39,99 39.99
Size: 1/2" X 11/128"
Pin Length: 5.2 mm
Weight per 110 links: 234 g
Length: 126 Links

Compatible with all 12-Speed derailleur systems
Perfect shifting thanks to Double X-Bridge
EPT, Maximum anti rust protection
Includes a MissingLink

EPT Coating: The non-toxic, environmentally friendly EcoProTeQ technology EPT from KMC protects chains against corrosion (only after 650 hours of salt spray test the fi rst traces of rust develop) for twice as long as conventional rust protection and thus sets new standards. Each component of every chain link is treated separately with EPT. This means a 100 % coating that off ers the lowest possible attack by water, salt and air humidity. Another characteristic of EPT: The very smooth surface gives chains excellent running qualities. Dirt buildup is minimized in the long term, which means that chain maintenance is signifi cantly relieved.

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