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Instruments Azimut Chain Scrubber

Preces ID: TOOL198
Cena: €6,19 6.19

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Cena: €6,19 6.19
Easy to clean chain without removing it!
Perfect for all types of bicycles - MTB, hybrid, city, road, kids etc.
Can be used multiple times
6 bristle and 2 rubber brushes for the most effective 3D cleaning
Easy maintenance - brush cogs can be easily removed
Compact size - does not take much space when storing

Material: ABS plastic
Item weight: 117 g
Size: 13.5 x 4.5 x 7 cm (without handle)

1. Cover the work space with newspapers or rags to catch excess cleaning fluid that drip from the chain during cleaning.
2. Remove excess mud from the chain using Cog and Brush tools.
3. Stabilize the bike in a repair stand and shift the chain into the middle or small chain ring up front, and the middle of the cog set in the rear. Adjust the bike so that the lower portion of the chain is parallel with the ground.
4. Remove the locking handle by depressing the thumb lever and sliding the handle froward. Then remove the lid by sliding it rearward and lifting. Add enough degreaser or any other cleaning fluid to reach the "FILL"line on the side of the reservoir. To avoid spills, do not over fill.
5. Position machine on the lower portion of the chain, mid-way between the cog set and crank set,and replace the lid, making sure it is completely flush with the reservoir body. Slide the locking handle into place. You should hear an audible"CLICK"to indicate the handle is secure.
6. With a firm grip on the handle rotate crank slowly counterclockwise several complete rotations to clean the chain. Some bicycles with coaster brake, which often found in internal and single speed bikes, may require rear wheel to be lifted in order to rotate crank clockwise. If necessary, refill the reservoir with fresh cleaning fluid and continue scrubbing until the chain is clean.
7. Dry the chain thoroughly with a rag to remove all cleaning fluid and then lubricate the chain (wipe excessive lubricant with a rag).
8. When finished, rinse the clean machine with water and allow to air dry.

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