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Instruments Cyclus Tools crank repair set M22x1 & M24x1 v2 (720264N)

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Cena: €379,35 379.35

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Cena: €379,35 379.35
Cyclus Tools develops and produces top quality tools for professional bicycle repair shops, but of course it’s also appropriated for hobby technicians. Produced in Europe, these durable tools are permanently proofed by our quality checks. With furnitures for your workshop or cosmetic care products the portfolio is rounded off very well. For every problem Cyclus Tools offers solutions. Cyclus Tools counts among the leading manufacturers of tools for bicycles. To stay at the top we continuously enhance our products for today’s fast changing conditions.

CYCLUS TOOLS Tap and die for cutting internal M24x1 crank thread.
Set with new type of extra long crank puller tools.
Currently, especially e-bikes have bottom bracket axles that no longer have conical surfaces. Instead, the seating of the crank is done solely by stops and screw connections. The position of the stops is usually too long for crank loosening or removal using conventional tools, so the "long working stroke" tool has been developed.
With this tool set you can dismantle cranks from corresponding axles. The existing large working stroke (more than 20 mm) makes the puller universally applicable. No matter whether you have a pressed on, or a new type crank with screwed stop crank seats, both systems can be quickly, safely and professionally pulled off.
You can recut existing crank threads with the M22x1 tap or cut a new, larger thread in the crank with the M24 core hole cutter and the M24x1 recutter. To work accurately and safely in the process, the set includes the matching guides.
The following dimensions are crucial for the use of the Cyclus Tools extractor:
? the existing bottom bracket connection thread (eg M15x1).
? the crank internal thread (e.g. M22x1).
Set Contents:
? 720013 tap for crank internal thread M22x1 | for re-tapping.
? 720245 Tap for crank internal thread M24x1 | for recutting
? 720233 Crank puller M22x1 - M15x1
? 720234 Crank puller M24x1 - M15x1
? 720235 Cutter core hole diameter M24 repair thread
? 720060 Crank puller for repair set - thread special size M24
? 720374 Thread guide set | inner bearing connection thread M8x1, M10x1, M12x1, M15x1

Optional to the set, we carry other crank pullers with combinations of the inner bearing connection thread and crank internal thread. E.g. Article 720243 with crank internal thread M22x1 and inner bearing connection thread M10x1.
Make sure that you are using the right cutting oil when milling or cutting!
Ask us, we are happy to assist you.

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