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Disku tīrītājs Bike On Wax CleanDisc 100ml

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It reaches where others can't…

A professional cleaner for removing dirt from bicycle sprockets, brake discs and parts with excellent cleaning, degreasing and washing qualities. Very efficient, evaporates fast, making the surface dry and clean. Leaves no oil film or grease residue. Excellent at cleaning and degreasing brake discs, brake pads (drum and disc type), sprockets, chains, shock absorber parts and other metal surfaces. Thanks to its aerosol spray form, the cleaner reaches those areas where other methods fail.

Spray onto the desired parts and wait for the cleaner to soak through the dirt. Then wipe the part dry with a clean cloth or spray again, if necessary. For more sensitive materials, spray the cleaner onto a cloth and use it to wipe gently without spraying the materials directly. Rubber elements like brake pads, handle bar grips etc. must be protected from any contact with the cleaner for risk of rubber decay.

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