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Pulēšanai aerosols Bike On Wax Ride & Shine 750ml

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Cena: €6,49 6.49

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Cena: €6,49 6.49
Because the bike must shine. Period.

A professional polishing product for all plastic and glossy parts of your bike. Provides excellent protection and maintenance for bicycle elements (except working surfaces of brake pads and the chain). Reduces surface friction and repels dust and grime. Polished surfaces quickly become glossy without extra buffing. Moreover, the colours get deeper and the chromes shinier while the surface is covered with a water-resistant protective layer. Pleasantly orange-scented. Prior to usage please try the product on a less visible part of the bike. Do not apply to leather, leather-like and textile surfaces.

Shake the container before using it and then spray the polish onto desired surface. If too much polish is sprayed, simply use a clean dry cloth to spread the extra amount evenly. Working surfaces of the brakes should be polished with a cloth, not sprayed. Do not spray the product directly onto areas close to the brakes. This polish requires no buffing. Prior to using it on handlebars (especially made of rubber) please spray a small area to see if the polish makes it sticky. Take proper care.
If you want the result to be even more spectacular, prior to polishing use "Bike on Wax" Clean My Bike Foamee or the "Bike on Wax" CleanALL Grit Stopper.

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