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Sausā ķēdes eļļa Hanseline CHAIN WAX 100ml

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HANSELINE - pure biking! The brand, which is known for tradition and quality. Individual products for every purpose.

Hanseline Chain Wax lubricates and cleans at the same time!
Made for chains, but also suitable for lubricating derailleurs, shifting and brake cables, shifters (do not use with ball bearings)
It is a composition of different waxes and a special additive (dry lubricant), dissolved in a bagāžnieks
oil that transports the lubricating components to the lubricating points without making the chain sticky.
Best performance in dry conditions
Components of this wax lube get into microscopic chain unevenness's, so it provides a very long lasting and optimum lubricating effect
Protects chain from corrosion by coating it with a water-repellant layer of wax
"Self-cleaning" effect - any dirt will be bonded in the wax, form small wax balls and fall off
Low in adhesive substances - ensures a high durability and attracts less dirt
Reduces chain wear thus prolonging its performance

The oil is in form of liquid and must be shaken before each use to mix the contents. Apply the lube to a cleaned surface of the chain or selected links and leave it to coat the chain's structure. Repeat the process after several minutes and remove the excess lube with a clean cloth. More frequent lubrication is recommended with dry lubricants.

TYPE: liquid
CAPACITY: 100ml bottle
Made in Germany

The use of Hanseline MTB oil with graphite is recommended to prolong the protective effects of the wax.

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