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Ūdens atgrūdošs Bike On Wax Repel! 100ml

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Cena: €3,29 3.29

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Cena: €3,29 3.29
Repels water, removes rust, washes, lubricates and protects all things metal

The product repels water, removes rust, washes, lubricates and protects all metal elements of the bike. Thanks to excellent penetrating properties it reaches inaccessible areas, cleaning and protecting their surface which makes it easier to separate protected, hidden elements such as derailleurs, brake pivots etc. It removes dirt, rust as well as old grease and lube residue. Anticorrosive. Forces water out. Thanks to special additives the product prevents interconnecting elements from seizing.

Shake before use. Spray the surface from a distance of approx. 20-30 cm, wait for several minutes and then put the seized parts into motion. Elements such as brake pads, braking surfaces in rims or brake discs must be covered for risk of losing brakes' effectiveness. When cleaning a bike chain, after the product has evaporated, we also recommend using the "Bike on Wax" Chain Re-ACTION Teflon Oil.

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