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Velosipēdu tīrītājs Bike On Wax Clean My Bike Foamee 500ml

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Cena: €3,69 3.69

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Cena: €3,69 3.69
Cleans like nothing else

A professional product for cleaning the bike by hand. Thanks to excellent degreasing qualities it removes all road grit and dirt from your bike effectively. The foam does not discolour chrome-nickel or metal parts, it's neutral in contact with plastic surfaces and rubber seals. Contains corrosion inhibitors. Does not contain phosphates and is not harmful to the environment. Prior to usage please try the product on a less visible part of the bike. Do not use in direct sunlight and do not let the foam dry on the surface being cleaned.

The foam is ready for use. Protective gloves should be worn. Spray the foam onto the desired surface from a distance of approx. 15 cm. Wait for a few moments and wipe the sprayed area with a damp sponge or a soft brush, then rinse the bike with water. Repeat the process if necessary. Do not apply the foam to hot surfaces and do not let it dry anywhere on the bike. Every time you use the foam, rinse the cleaned surface with water. Take proper care. Do not add any solvents.
If you want your bike to stay clean longer, use the "Bike on Wax" Ride & Shine bike polish.

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