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Darbnīcas galda daļa Cyclus Tools cable and outer casing plate for diagonal stand 720644 (720665)

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Cena: €19,90 19.9

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Cena: €19,90 19.9
Cyclus Tools develops and produces top quality tools for professional bicycle repair shops, but of course it’s also appropriated for hobby technicians. Produced in Europe, these durable tools are permanently proofed by our quality checks. With furnitures for your workshop or cosmetic care products the portfolio is rounded off very well. For every problem Cyclus Tools offers solutions. Cyclus Tools counts among the leading manufacturers of tools for bicycles. To stay at the top we continuously enhance our products for today’s fast changing conditions.

CYCLUS TOOLS front compartment plate for diagonal stand (code 720644).
The plate, which includes 3 circular compartment openings, is designed to be mounted in different locations on the diagonal stand (art. 720644) to conveniently house bicycle gear and brake cable outers within your work area.
This flexible plate attachment enables you to customise the layout of your workshop, while keeping it tidy and safe. This is perfect for open workshops where the public can see how you work.

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