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Kameras remonta komplekts Thumbs Up Big 12/6/6 patches + 20ml

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Tube repair set in a compact plastic box
Fast and reliable repair of „snake bites" (pinches) and cuts
Convenient to carry in a backpack or panniers
Each patch enclosed in protective airtight tin foil to keep dust and dirt away
Special rubber solution will permanently bond a patch to a tube in just about 5-10 minutes

Set includes:
20 ml tube of rubber glue
Metal rasp for rubbing tube surface (20x30 mm)
6 round patches (25 mm)
12 rounded rectangular patches (25x35 mm)
6 rounded rectangular patches (30x50 mm)
2 rubber tubes for old type of Dunlop (DV) valve

Box size: 135x70x25 mm

How tu use:
1. Locate hole in a tube by emerging in water or inspecting airleaks by listening or feeling with senstive skin area.
2. Using a grasp or sandpaper, lightly abrade area around hole. Abrade an area larger than patch size.
3. When possible, clean area with alcohol and allow it to dry completely.
4. Open glue tube and puncture seal. Apply thin coat of glue and spread evenly around hole area. Spread area of glue larger than patch size. Use a clean finger or back of patch to spread glue evenly in a thin layer. Do not apply too much glue. Glue layer should not appear "glopped" on.
5. Allow glue to dry. This may take several minutes. Test by touching only perimeter area of glue, not where patch will contact.
6. Peel patch from patch backing. Handle patch only by edges.
7. Center patch to hole and lay patch on tube.
8. Apply pressure to patch, especially at edges.
9. If possible, maintain pressure for several minutes.
10. Leave clear plastic cover on patch, do not peel up.
11. Mount tube inside tire and inflate.

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