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Bezkameru riepas aizsardzība pret caurduršanu Vittoria Air-Liner Gravel

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Cena: €27,95 27.95

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Cena: €27,95 27.95

< /br>< /br>Maximum rim and tire protection. Air-Liner GRAVEL takes the performance of tubeless-ready gravel tires beyond the limits. Given the success and positive results achieved by Air-Liner mountain bike version, Vittoria decided to push the product beyond the MTB spectrum and to develop an innovative insert that could support tubeless-ready tires for gravel applications. Air-Liner GRAVEL is re-usable and very easy to install – as easy as mounting an inner tube on your tire – and it is compatible with tubeless-ready tires only and with 3-way valves (in the packaging, 5-way valves are provided for ultimate airflow). The insert can be used with sealant – preferably without ammonia. Air-Liner GRAVEL advantages are countless: Protection: The Air-Liner GRAVEL insert absorbs impacts, preventing the risk of pinch-flats, while simultaneously reducing tire burping at the bead, since the Gravel specific shape produces a bead-lock for your tyre. Control: Air-Liner GRAVEL replaces a portion of air volume inside the tyre, allowing for lower pressure, and a more controlled deformation. This allows for better tire grip, and significantly reduced handlebar vibration when compared to a standard tubeless-ready set-up. Performance: Air-Liner GRAVEL increases lateral stability without compromising grip and adherence. This allows for better cornering, climbing and braking performance. Durability: The polymeric material of Air-Liner GRAVEL is extremely durable. In normal conditions, it lasts up to 2000 hours of use; or 1 hour completely run-flat. Air-Liner GRAVEL is compatible with wheels of any diameter up to 29” (700c), and up to 25mm internal rim width. For ensuring the best fitment with any wheel, the insert has been designed to be cut according to the desired wheel diameter.

Insert for tubeless-ready GRAVEL tires
Air-Liner increases control, durability, performance, and protection of both tire and wheel
Compatible with any wheel size (up to 28") with 3-way tubeless valve
The Vittoria Air-Liner is a tire insert, designed for use in tubeless tires
Run-flat capability
Durable - up to 2.000 km life span
Increased comfort and performance
Recommended tire width: 31 - 40 mm
Size: One-Size (cuttable)
Weight: 47 g

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