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Riepa 28" Continental Grand Prix 4-Season 32-622 folding

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Cena: €62,90 62.9

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Cena: €62,90 62.9
THE ALL-YEAR-ROUND TIRE AND A RELIABLE COMPANION FOR THOSE HIGH MILEAGE ROAD CYCLISTS Reliable companion for training rides and in competition, come rain or shine. The tire with a superior durability ready for any season. With DuraSkin® sidewall reinforcement (comes in black with our Black Edition).

Double Vectran Breaker - 3/330 TPI

Tire size (ETRTO): 32-622
Tire size (in inches or French): 700 x 32C
Color/sidewall: foldable
Weight (g): 340
Recommended tire pressure (in PSI): 85-102

Double Vectran Breaker- Vectran is a synthetically produced high-tech fiber with a natural role model. Like spider silk, Vectran is a liquid crystal polymer (LCP). Vectran is spun from the molten liquid polymer Vectra and further processed into a multi-fiber yarn. Spider silk as well as Vectran have an enormous tensile strength at the lowest weight. Improved puncture safety and lower weight are the advantages of the Vectran Breaker. Vectran is cut-resistant than Aramid, 5 times stronger than steel and lighter than a nylon thread, without affecting the rolling resistance. Thus, it provides the ideal protective layer for the tire. Vectran was developed for airbag systems in the automotive and aerospace industries.

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