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Riepa 28" Continental Grand Prix 5000 32-622 folding

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Cena: €58,33 58.33

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Cena: €58,33 58.33
The best allrounder in the field, brought to a whole, new performance level. Ride faster, more comfortable, and with increased puncture protection. Made to make you better.

Grand Prix 5000 vs. Grand Prix 4000 S II:
+12 % better rolling resistance
+20 % puncture protection
-10 g lighter [25-622]
Improved comfort

BlackChili Compound - Vectran Breaker - LazerGrip - ACT - 3/330 TPI

Tire size (ETRTO): 32-622
Tire size (in inches or French): 700 x 32C
Color/sidewall: foldable
Weight (g): 290
Recommended tire pressure (in PSI): 85-102

Lazer Grip - To make you one with the road. The lazered micro profile structure expands over the tire’s shoulder and provides out-standing cornering.

Active Comfort Technology - The revolutionary approach in cycling. Embedded in the tire construction the Active Comfort Technology absorbs vibrations and smoothens your ride.

VectranBreaker - PUNCTURE PROTECTION AT IT‘S BEST. Vectran is spun from liquid crystal-polymer. This way a thermoplastic, multiplethread yarn is created. As a comparison: This partially crystalline fabric is more cut resistant than aramide and its tensile strength is five times higher than that of steel. A Vectran Breaker is lighter, more flexible and effective against cuts than a comparable nylon breaker. Without effecting rolling resistance.

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