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Riepa 28" Schwalbe Delta Cruiser Plus HS 431, Active Wired 32-622 / 28x1.25, 700x32C Reflex

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Cena: €17,99 17.99

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Cena: €17,99 17.99
MUCH MORE THAN AN ENTRY-LEVEL TIRE. Affordable city and touring tire with remarkable puncture protection. Schwalbe Protection Level 5 due to muscular 3 mm PunctureGuard protection. The classic tread design is versatile and offers comfortable rolling characteristics. Fitted with high quality 50 EPI carcass and reflective lines. A recommendation for E-Bikes up to 25 Km/h.

Size ETRTO (mm): 32-622
Size in inches: 28x1.25, 700x32C
Version: PunctureGuard
Ready for E-BIKE: E-25
Rubber compound: Green Compound
Skin color: Black-Reflex
Min.-max. pressure in bars: 4.5-6.5
Weight: 670 g
EPI: 50
E-BIKE compatible: YES (E-25)
Max load (at max. Pressure): 80 kg

PunctureGuard (protection level 5 ): 3mm rubber layer.
GREEN COMPOUND: The most sustainable compound. With polymers only made from renewable and recycled raw materials.
E-25: FOR STANDARD E-BIKES UP TO 25 KM/H ! Tires with E-25 mark are compatible with e-bikes that can reach up to 25 km/h. This means they are much more durable than stndard tires, which are not rated to use with e-bikes. They can also be used on standard bicycles.

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