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Riepa 28" Vittoria Corsa N.ext TLR Fold. 700x34c / 34-622 black

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Cena: €54,95 54.95

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Cena: €54,95 54.95
Racing inspired speed and feel, with the everyday durability of nylon construction. Nylon casing provides durability, for daily racers who want to raise the bar of their performance relying on a long-lasting tyre. Combination of Silica and Graphene compound for improved rolling efficiency, grip and longer wear-life. Proven tread design used by Vittoria teams in the World Tour

TREAD-WEAR indicator for tire usage monitoring
Graphene + Silica compound - reduced weight, better grip and rolling performance, higher puncture resistance, longer tire's wear life

Size: 700x34c
ETRTO: 34-622
Tire Bead: FOLDABLE, Tubeless TLR
Material: Nylon 100 TPI (Threads per inch)
Compound: 2C Graphene + Silica (2 different types of material with graphene+silica technology)
Color: Black
Weight: 355 g

GRAPHENE + SILICA COMPOUND: Joining its already proven Graphene research-applied knowledge with Silica, a material which specifically improves road tire performance in the center of the tread, Vittoria has reached an even better result in compound technology. As part of Vittoria’s ultimate product development, the new Corsa N.EXT has been designed with this specific compound technology. Silica, added to Graphene, boosts the tire performance and consistently provides longer mileage and grip, further empowering the riding experience. Furthermore, this new compound combination reduces tire weight, in addition to the performance gains. Vittoria’s lab tests have proven the new combination of Graphene and Silica to provide following performance gains, compared to a normal compound. When comparing to a normal tire compound: +9% in speed / rolling performance/ +32% in grip / +21% in puncture resistance / Longer mileage and tyre’s wear life

Tubeless TLR ROAD: TLR construction offers ultimate puncture protection and speed. It uses a robust new bead material called Zylon for optimal air retention. Tubeless-ready set up is the lightest and fastest casing option.

Nylon Casing: Nylon is a robust and durable artificial fiber traditionally used for strong tire casings. Nylon threads are less thin than cotton ones, so casings have a lower number of threads per inch. The advantages of nylon casings is that they are strong and durable, extending the wear life of the casing. However, because it is an artificial fiber, it is not as supple (soft/flexible) as cotton.

About GRAPHENE technology in tires: Graphene is the innovative material used by Vittoria in compounds to improve performance of tires. Graphene is the world’s thinnest material but at the same time one of the strongest ever used for consumer applications. Made of a single hexagonal-shape layer of carbon atoms, Graphene interacts with rubber by filling the space in between the rubber molecules. It acts like a magnet, making rubber molecules closer to one another and improving the overall rubber structure. Graphene’s main properties are related to: Thinness / Strength / Flexibility / Lightness.

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