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Riepa 29" Schwalbe Rocket Ron HS 438, Evo Fold. 57-622 LS Addix Speed

Preces ID: 11600385a
Cena: €57,00 57

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Cena: €57,00 57
Push yourself to your limits and demand the most from your tyre. When the pressure is on, it shows its true colors: more grip, more speed, more mileage. Experience a different dimension. ADDIX – the new compound for all legendary tyres of the Evo line. The cross-country rocket combines speed and corner control at the highest possible level. An excellent all-rounder for racetracks. Ultra light with 127-EPI-Evo-carcass. Tread design: balanced proportion between stable studs and sufficient gaps for excellent rolling characteristics and amazing self-cleaning properties.

Size: ETRTO 57-622 (29 x 2.25 Inch)
Typ: Folding
Compound: Addix Speed
Execution: LiteSkin
Color: Black
Skin: Lite
Weight: 520 g (18 oz)
Pressure: 1.80 - 3.70 Bar (26 - 54 psi)
Maximum load: 120 kg
EPI: 127
Profil: HS438
Article number: 11600385.02
Tube: 19, 19A, 19F

ADDIX SPEED - The compound for XC race specialists. It catapults Schwalbe’s XC tyres into a new performance dimension. Here’s the answer for those who’d like to go even faster. There’s only one thing that ADDIX Speed really loves and that’s speed. So the rolling resistance has been chopped yet again. It’s lower than the previous PaceStar, but at the same time ADDIX Speed is more durable and more resilient.

LITESKIN (LS) MTB tires forego SnakeSkin (SS), but still have a reinforced bead core. If you don't mind extra effort, these tires can alos be conevrted to Tubeless by using a sealing fluid. However, it cannot be 100% guarranteed that LiteSkin tires used with sealants will be safely and permanently sealed.

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