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Bezkameru riepu šķidrums OKO Magic Milk Hi-Fiber Tubeless 250ml

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Cena: €6,29 6.29 €9,99

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Cena: €6,29 6.29 €9,99
Magic Milk Hi-Fibre race sealant is a premium product, designed to deal with both the high pressures of road race bikes (tubeless, tubed or tubular): and also the low pressures of downhill/enduro/gravel racing. It can be used with "tubeless ready" or full UST tubeless tires (for maximum puncture proofing on UST we recommend Puncture Free Bike or X-Treme). It is super-light, with a dose of 30-80ml per tire in most sports to mountain bikes, depending on size. It will also help to maintain tire pressure for longer period as it will prevent air leaking through micro pores of the tire casing.

Also ideal for tubular tires
Lightest real-world product in the market
Seals holes up to 7 mm
Can be used during winter: up to -20?C or even lower. If it's freezed - it will return to normal state when warmed without any side effects.
Finds the little crevices between bead and rim
Will not ball up inside the tyre, dries as an even layer
Can be topped up so you don’t need to strip off the tyre
Synthetic latex formula is wheel & tire friendly
Lasts longer than other latex milk products - usually 6-12 months before you need to top up
Suitable for all bike types
Works when tire pressure is from 15psi and up to 125psi
Tires which uses Oko Magic Milk can be safely inflated with CO2
Contains anti-corrosion agents - no adverse affect upon tires or rims
Water-soluble - washes out of the tire if required
Non hazardous
Non flammable

250 ml bottle deals with two regular mountain bikes, or four racing bikes: for 26" MTB tires it is just 60 ml per tire.
Simple Schrader fitting, using the valve core remover and filling tube supplied in every bottle cap. Or use an OKO tire Sealant Injector (especially when using removable-core Presta valves) for easy, accurate measuring (sold separately, not included).

For tubeless ready tires on standard rims, always use a rubber rim strip plus OKO Magic Milk. Shake the tire/wheel combination vigorously from side to side at each point to force the sealant into the little gaps between bead and rim, and into the tiny holes in the porous tubeless ready tire sidewalls. Also spin the tire on the wheel for a prolonged period. Follow tire and wheel manufacturer instructions.
For tires with inner tubes, use OKO Puncture Free Bike Bike or OKO X-Treme
Colour: White. Free-flowing. Low Odour (no nasty ammonia smell).
Mixing with other sealants is not recommended.

No risk and safety labels or warnings are required since this product is not classified as hazardous under current regulations. Normal safety precautions should be taken: wear gloves and protect eyes. Rinse product off any clothes that it may be spilled upon. Keep away from children. If swallowed, see a doctor.

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