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Kameru šķidruma pumpis OKO for Drum Application

Preces ID: TREP27
Cena: €84,99 84.99 €139,00

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Cena: €84,99 84.99 €139,00
This is a special calibrated application drum pump which easily fits on to the threaded opening of our OKO Puncture Free Bike or OKO X-Treme 25 litre tire sealant drums. The single handed pump has and adjustable collar to limit the length of the downward stroke, and markings on the aluminium shaft measure the required stroke to dispense 80ml, 100ml, 120 ml, 140ml, 160ml or 180ml of sealant. This covers all bicycle tire size requirements. There is a removable valve attachment to allow application to (removable-core) Presta valve stems.The normal nozzle clamps on to a Schrader valve core.

Instructions for use:
Screw the OKO application pump to the top of the drum (the pump replaces the cap). Remove the valve core and clip on the end of the drum hose. With the high pressure OKO pump the OKO sealant may be inserted against tire pressure.
Check the product web page for the quantity of OKO required.
Having applied the correct dose of OKO, unclip the hose and replace the valve core immediately.
It is recommended that after use the application pump is washed clean by priming the pump whilst the hose is dipped in water.
Inflate the tire up to normal pressure. The tire will now be protected.

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