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Riepu šķidrums OKO Get U Home Auto 400ml

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Cena: €8,95 8.95

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Cena: €8,95 8.95
OKO provides a 400ml Get-u-Home™ bottle that is the right amount to seal a hole of up to 7mm diameter in the tread area of the tire. (No sealant will seal a sidewall puncture). No measuring is required: you simply unscrew the valve core (the remover is in the bottle cap) and squeeze in the whole bottle content using the tube provided, (blow some air through the valve stem with the compressor hose if needed to clear it), replace the valve core and inflate using the compressor. Then drive off for a short distance: recheck the tire pressure and top up if needed, then drive home (at up to 50 mph/80 km/hr) or to the nearest garage to replace the tire safely.
This sealant can be used to seal tires/tubes on bicycles, motorbikes and other small vehicles.

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