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Šļirce OKO for Tube sealant 60ml

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Cena: €8,29 8.29 €12,95

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Cena: €8,29 8.29 €12,95
The 60ml OKO tire Sealant Injector syringe is ideal for bicycle owners. It dispenses sealant or other liquids with total accuracy, eliminating concerns over under-dosing or over-dosing.

Easy to use - no mess when applying
Patented design
Presta/Schrader screw fitting
Injects precise dose
Multiple uses in workshop
Reusable product - can be cleaned

The patented double-screw attachment works on all valve stems (PRESTA/SV valve must be with removable core to dispense sealant through the valve core, check yours before purchasing). It avoids leakages, allowing mess-free application of OKO sealant. You can suck up the required amount of OKO from the bottle (having unscrewed the cap) by pulling up the plunger of the syringe. A Schrader-sized valve core remover is provided and it screws onto the screw attachment.

Although of course it is designed for applying OKO, the Injector is a product that can be used to access hard-to-reach places with any bike lubricants and other liquids used in the workshop (subject to the user cleaning the unit thoroughly as recommended).
Once purchased, it will have a long lifetime of use for successive tires.

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