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Sēdeklis Selle Royal Drifter Medium Strengtex RVL RoyalGel

Preces ID: SADL274
Cena: €42,90 42.9

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Cena: €42,90 42.9
This is one of our most durable saddles thanks to the special Strengtex material that guards against wear and abrasions. Slightly smaller than the standard version, and suitable for the Relaxed riding position, the Drifter Medium Strengtex is equipped with Royalgel™ technology and a double spring system to absorb shocks for added comfort.

ROYALGEL - thanks to its unique tridimensional gel structure, Royalgel guarantees the highest level of comfort, reducing pressure peaks by 40% compared to standard padding materials.
STRENGTEX COVER - A durable and comfortable triple layer cover material offering a reinforced internal elastic network highly resistant to punctures, cuts, tears, cracks and aging. Technical tests have shown that Strengtex is 50% more resistant to external vertical agents and 30% more resistant to external horizontal stresses when compared to ordinary cover materials.
DOUBLE SPRINGS - They guarantee excellent suspension through complementary movements while conveying a striking and stylish look to the saddle.
WATER RESISTANT - Royal Vacuum Light is a patented Selle Royal technology that allows the saddle to be 100% sealed and therefore water resistant. Saddles made with this production method are furthermore 20% lighter than ordinary ones of the same category.

Length: 251 mm
Width: 221 mm
Weight: 995 g
Riding position / angle: 90°

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