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Sēdeklis Selle Royal Freedom Man Strengtex RoyalGel

Preces ID: SADL368
Cena: €44,90 44.9

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Cena: €44,90 44.9
An elegant and particularly durable saddle thanks to the special Strengtex cover material. Royalgel technology ensures a high level of comfort and the silver-colored side guards further protect it from bumps and scratches.

Size: L 283mm / W 184mm
Weight: 700 g

Royalgel - Thanks to its unique tridimensional gel structure, Royalgel guarantees the highest level of comfort, reducing pressure peaks by 40% compared to standard padding materials.
Strengtex Cover - A durable and comfortable triple layer cover material offering a reinforced internal elastic network highly resistant to punctures, cuts, tears, cracks and aging. Technical tests have shown that Strengtex is 50% more resistant to external vertical agents and 30% more resistant to external horizontal stresses when compared to ordinary cover materials.
Elastomers - Absorbing even the most severe and unexpected shocks, elastomers work both vertically and horizontally for safe, silent and permanently non-deformable performance.
Water Resistant - Royal Vacuum Light is a patented Selle Royal technology that allows the saddle to be 100% sealed and therefore water resistant. Saddles made with this production method are furthermore 20% lighter than ordinary ones of the same category.
Integrated Clip System - A patented clip system positioned at the rear of the saddle for easy attachment of a Selle Royal saddle bag or other accessory.

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