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Sēdeklis Selle Royal OPTICA Moderate Man 3D Gel

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Cena: €45,00 45

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Cena: €45,00 45
A stylish look in black and more comfort for a moderate 60° riding position. The Optica moderate men is a saddle for riders that want to enjoy every metre ridden on their bike. This is not only ensured by the RVL technology that seals and waterproofs the saddle, but also by a special padding with 3D Skingel that offers maximum comfort as well as relief for the perineal area. Elastomers at the rear part of the saddle additionally protect from bumps.

3D SKINGEL is an innovative and flexible system with strategically placed Royagel™ adapted to the needs of the rider. It keeps the weight of the saddle low and reduces pressure to the sit bones and the perineal area by up to 40%.
The foam matrix: open cell structure confers increased elasticity and breathability to guarantee a durable and comfortable saddle
Water Resistant: Royal Vacuum Light is a Selle Royal technology that allows the saddle to be 100% sealed and 20% lighter than ordinary saddles of the same category
Elastomers: –safe, silent and permanently non-deformable, an elastomer can absorb even the severest and most unexpected shocks, because it works vertically and horizontally
Integrated Clip System: a patented clip system positioned at the rear of the saddle for easy attachment of a light or saddle bag

Designed for a moderate 60° riding position
Length: 271 mm
Width: 169 mm
Weight: 540 g

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