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Bremzes caliper priekšējais Shimano DURA-ACE BR-R9110

Preces ID: IBRR9110F83
Cena: €194,90 194.9

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Cena: €194,90 194.9
The DURA-ACE groupset is the result of Shimano's ongoing passion for technology. This is reflected in every single component in the groupset. All components are joined together to work as one, reinforcing each other for unparalleled performance. This is how DURA-ACE achieves ultimate supremacy. The Direct Mount Type Brake Caliper has an increased overall braking performance. A better clearance for a wider tire makes for a more comfortable ride on rough roads. Intuitive braking control for a smooth and light operation.

Pad Angel Adjust: yes
Titanium Cable Anchor Bolt: yes
Titanium Pivot Bolt: yes (fixing bolt)
Material: brake arch: aluminum
Weight: approx. 150 g
Front Mount: direct on fork
Brake pad: Standard Aluminium R55C4
Max. tire width: 28 mm
Rim width: 19-26 mm
Reach: 51 mm
Arch spring tension adjustment cannot be carried out

The BR-R9110 can be combined with the following dual-control levers:
ST-R9100, ST-R9150, ST-R9160, ST-9070, ST-9071, ST-9001, ST-9000, ST-6870, ST-6871, ST-6800, ST-6770, ST-6700, ST-5800, ST-5700, ST-4700, ST-4600, ST-R3000, ST-3500, ST-2400, ST-R460, ST-R353, ST-R350

Other combinations should not be used under any circumstances.

SLR-EV is SLR with a dual symmetric pivot brake calliper. The short arm brake design employs two bearings and a roller to realize greater efficiency in the pivot area and deliver superior modulation and braking power.

Art. Nr.: IBRR9110F83

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