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Bremžu disks Shimano STEPS RT-EM900S 160MM CL

Preces ID: IRTEM900S
Cena: €82,99 82.99

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Cena: €82,99 82.99
SHIMANO STePS RT-EM900 Ice-Tech Centerlock brake disc features an integrated magnet for the use with the SM-DUE11 speed sensor (not included). Developed for rear wheel installation the corresponding standard front disc can be maintained. The manufacturer recommends the SM-RT99 disc (optional) as ideal counterpart. The RT-EM900 disc is designed for E-Bike use. Aluminium cooling fins reduce heat development and increase brake force as well as brake pad's lifetime. The sandwich structure (stainless steel - aluminium - stainless steel) offers also an effective heat management while braking what results in unparalleled braking performance and reliability in the most demanding conditions. Optional Ice-Tech brake pads with their own cooling fins can reduce the brake pad surface temperature further.

Weight: 127 g
Alloy lock ring (included)
Disc diameter: 180 mm
Compatible with Metal and Resin brake pads
Material: stainless steel, aluminium

ICE TECHNOLOGIES and FREEZA - provide consistent braking performance with longer pad life, less brake fade and noise. The lightweight and highly efficient three-layer sandwich structure of stainless steel–aluminum–stainless steel enhances heat dissipation.
The CENTER LOCK system - makes an easy rotor installation possible with spline mount and a lock ring. The lock ring mounting system reduces the total working hours by shortening the amount of time of both installation and de-installation. In addition, the secure fixing by the spline mount enhances precision and rigidity while improving braking efficiency.

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