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Bremžu disks Shimano XT SM-RT86 160MM 6-bolt

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Preces ID: ISMRT86S2
Cena: €34,90 34.9 €46,00

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Cena: €34,90 34.9 €46,00
DEORE XT Ice-Tech rotors (160, 180 and 203mm) have a three layer sandwich structure of an aluminum core embedded in stainless steel. The clad steel/alloy/steel rotor construction allows heat generated from braking to radiate quickly through the aluminium core achieving surface temperature drops of around 50°C. When used with Ice-Tec pads surface temperatures can drop from around 400 to 300°C, this provides great improvements in performance all round
Ice-Tec rotors achieve long pad life, less noise and less fade due to improved heat dispersion. The result is high stopping power and practically no signs of fading!
The 180/203mm disc requires a special adaptor. Please do not exceed the disc specifications of your fork/frame.
6-bolt mounting system (6-Hole Disc not compatible with Centerlock disc rotor mount!)
Rotor diameter: 160mm
Art. Nr.: ISMRT86S2

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