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Priekšējās disku bremzes Shimano ACERA ST/BR-M3050

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Preces ID: EM3050LFARA100P
Cena: €55,00 55

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Cena: €55,00 55
The hydraulic Acera M3050 disc brake + ST-M3050 brake lever for beginners and price-conscious cyclists. Ready to use, filled and easily mountable. With B01S resin brake pads, but without disc. Front wheel version. For a more clean appearance, Shimano integrated the shift and 2-finger brake lever. This gives a clean appearance and improves the cable routing. The enlarged optical gear display allows entry level mountain bikers to instantly check in which gear they are riding. A single shift lever is optional available. The Acera mountain bike group set is available with hydraulic disc brakes that can be maintained through one way and funnel bleeding. The tough anti-rust components give maximum performance with minimal maintenance.
Please pay attention to the max. permitted disc diameter of your fork!
The brake caliper can directly be mounted on Postmount if a 160mm disc is used. For bigger disc diameters or IS2000 (bolts from side) an adaptor is required. Shimano recommends the use of SM-RT54 or SM-RT56 discs.
Front disc brakes BR-M3050
Brake caliper: BR-M3050
Brake pads: B01S Resin
Brake hose: SM-BH59-JK-SS
Brake lever: ST-M3050 left (2 piston)
Without disc and adaptor
Brake fluid: Shimano mineral oil
Art. Nr.: EM3050LFARA100P

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