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Priekšējās disku bremzes Shimano XTR BL/BR-M9100

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Preces ID: IM9100KLFPMA100
Cena: €189,00 189 €226,00

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Cena: €189,00 189 €226,00
Ready to use hydraulic front disc brake set SHIMANO XT BL/BR-M9100 delivers high brake performance and durability

Higher braking force with reduced input force at finger tips highly linear response, and braking power, stroke, and time lag reduced by 30% compared with M9000
1-piece aluminum caliper
26 g lighter (vs. BL/BR-M9000 with disc brake rotor)
High-performance brake control and rigidity
Straight hose connection
Brake hose (kit): SM-BH90-SS
Mount type(available for IS mount with mount adapter): Post-type
Oil: SHIMANO Mineral
One way bleeding
2 ceramic pistons
Painted aluminium
Brake Pads: K04Ti metal pads without fins

Quicker rebound between actions maintains rider concentration
Greater flexibility and action-optimized cockpit layout
Update brake lever shape
10% stiffer than M9000 even under high temp conditions
Magnesium master cylinder
Painted carbon
Seamless operation
Quicker brake engagement with shorter free stroke
Mounting position: LEFT
Compatible with I-SPEC EV shifters
I-SPEC EV - a clean and action-optimized cockpit that provides greater focus and flexibility for a wider range of riders. Wider adjustment range allows riders of various styles, preferences and body styles to adjust to the optimal position. Ergonomic design, quicker lever access, and light operation enhance rider comfort and concentration. I-SPEC EV increases brake lever rigidity by moving the brake clamp position inward to create an extra point of contact between the bar and the lever. This additional bracing drastically increases bike control and braking engagement while maintaining space between the clamp and support point for other handlebar accessories.

Set weight: ~ 312 g

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