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Priekšējie zobratu blok Shimano XTR FC-M9020-2 175MM 11-speed

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Preces ID: IFCM9020EX44
Cena: €329,00 329 €459,00

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Cena: €329,00 329 €459,00
Mountain biking has rapidly evolved since the previous introduction of Shimano’s top level XTR groupset. Shimano sees different directions in mountain biking with wheel sizes and riding styles changing and now defines four main categories within mountain biking. Competitive Cross Country is driven by physical efforts while Enduro focuses on more technical challenges but both have equivalents at the non-competitive Trail level. To serve mountain bikers who will only settle for the best, Shimano today introduces the new rider tuned XTR M9000 groupset.
New XTR M9000 provides range and ensures rhythm for diverse riding styles and terrain to create smooth, harmonic pedaling - the ultimate goal of a drivetrain.
Crankset FC-M9020-2 for 2x11-speed
If you want to be competitive and flexible then 2x11 is the non-compromise choice.
The FC-M9020 is a trail specific crank arm with a cold forged super strong construction and a standard 168mm Q-factor with two chainrings. But it is no problem to change for 1x or 3x setups. If you want to change from a single ring to double or triple you only have to change the chainrings. The dedicated XTR 1x chainring features retention technology with a unique tooth profile that eliminates the need for chain retention devices.
Only for BSA bottom brackets with 68 or 73mm case width.
Only compatible with HG-X11-speed chains.
Brand: Shimano
Arm Length: 175mm
Product Description: Crank
Group: XTR
Rings: 34x24T or 36X26T or 38X28T
Speeds: 2x11-speed
Art. Nr. IFCM9020EX44, IFCM9020EX66 ,IFCM9020EX88

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