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Bērnu sēdeklis Bellelli B-One carrier dark grey

Preces ID: BABS123
Cena: €44,99 44.99 €56,00

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Cena: €44,99 44.99 €56,00
Bellelli B-One is approved rear bike seat complying with the European Regulation EN 14344, certified for children weighing up to 22 kg
Made in Italy, exclusively with certified non-toxic plastic
Lightweight, resistant and washable frames
Easy-on/easy off the bike
Can be switched from one bike to another in seconds
Designed with the most advanced safety and comfort features like:
Reclined angle for the neck plus ergonomic shoulders support
High sideboards to increase support and containment
Wider and safer legs/feet side protection
Childproof, parent-friendly safety buckle, with two depth settings in the center of the seat. Only one hand is needed to fasten and release it.
Broad footrests height-settings range

Mounts on the bike frame (B One Standard) - Includes all neccessary fixing elements

on bike bagāžnieks
(B One Clamp). Compatible with bagāžnieks
s conforming to ISO 11243 - 120 to 175 mm. Now also fitting wider bagāžnieks
s -190 mm (E-BIKE: compatible up to 190 mm).

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