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Bērnu sēdeklis Hamax Siesta frame gray/black recline

Preces ID: BABS76
Cena: €109,90 109.9

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Cena: €109,90 109.9
The Siesta bicycle child seat is robust and stable, with a classic design. The seat has a recline function of 20° providing the child with a comfortable resting.

Frame mounted
Minimum age: 9 months
Maximum weight: 22 kg
Fits frame diameters: 28-40 mm
Child seat weight: ~ 4.3 kg
Size: ~ 480 x 390 x 710 mm

20° ergonomic resting position: Simple, one-handed reclining dial can be adjusted without having to dismount your bike. Variable sleep positions up to 20 degrees allows your child to ride in comfort and maintain an ideal head position while at rest.
Shock absorption: Designed to provide optimal comfort for you and your co-passenger, the frame mounted option has a dual-bar steel suspension system to provide a seamless and smooth ride for your little one.
Helmet recess: Allows the child’s head to sit comfortably without being pushed forward.
Reflectors for increased visibility: Adhered to back of seat for visibility at night.
Removeable padding
Reflective in the back for improved visibility
May be fitted to bikes with or without luggage bagāžnieks
Lockable bracket
Simple mounting – only four screws
Fits frame diameters from 28-40 mm
Spring-loaded, you will hear a "click" when the bracket is safely locked
Green indicators appear when the bars are correctly mounted
Quick release system, press the front of the bracket and disconnect the bar

*Important: Compatible with round frame tubes from 28mm to 40mm in diameter. The frame mounting bracket may not be compatible with some bicycle frames, where there is not enough space for bracket. Please make sure there is at least 10-15 cm obstacle free frame tube. It may not be compatible with 29" MTB bicycles, which has very small frame sizes (17" and smaller). The bracket is designed to not interfere with the shitfing / brake cables, but in some bicycle frame variants cables may be compressed by the bracket - please check compatibility or consult seller before buying. If your bicycle is incompatible with frame child seat, consider bagāžnieks
mount option.

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