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Atslēga Trelock Folding FS200/75 TWO.GO® blue

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Cena: €49,90 49.9

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Cena: €49,90 49.9
TRELOCK Security – Security and quality. The number of bicycle thefts is on the increase and only every tenth bicycle is eventually returned to its original owner. However, cyclists investing in a good lock reduce the risk of their bicycle being stolen. With its bike lock solutions, TRELOCK offers customers more than just security for their bicycles. Innovative additional solutions provide the cyclist with increased security and convenience. Modern cylinder technologies and high-quality materials produce reliable bicycle locks and as an added plus also reduce the weight of the lock.

Security level (TRELOCK): 2 of 6
Type: foldable
Inline cylinder
Reversible dual-sided key
Dust cap
Corrosion protection
TREDUR hardened steel
Length: 75 cm
Weight: 700 g
Bracket: ZF 200

Tredur is a special ultra-hard steel alloy developed by Trelock in a series of hardening processes. The moderate-weight alloy is cold-spray wear resistant, resistant to sawing and highly resistant to impact, cutting and bending.

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