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Pulsometrs SIGMA iD.RUN HR GPS black

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Cena: €74,99 74.99 €99,95

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Cena: €74,99 74.99 €99,95
If you run regularly and put your heart and soul into it, then the iD.RUN HR is an essential for your running. It has all the relevant running functions, GPS and measures your heart rate comfortably on your wrist. You can then use the SIGMA LINK app to evaluate the training data in detail via the DATA CENTER. In addition, the iD.RUN HR provides an integrated activity tracker that motivates you to get the most out of your day. The iD.RUN HR focuses on the most important functions for a daily training session to keep the operation as easy as possible during your running session. The focus is on speed and distance measurement as well as the heart rate. Furthermore, step length and cadence can be displayed.

GPS signal accuracy depends on many factors - such as satelite availability in area, forest density, city building height and dencsity and etc.
Heart rate may not be accurate. For maximum accuracy please use models with heart rate belt.

GPS track recording for speed and distance
Distance indicator
Monthly training statistics
Personal best performances
Activity tracking
Current / average / maximum heartrate
Average / maximum heartrate per lap
Quick access to the current heart rate
Intensity zones

Wrist-based heart rate
The heart rate measurement on the wrist is performed by means of an optical sensor, which makes a chest strap obsolete. During a training session, your heart rate is recorded continuously. Even in everyday life, if the activity tracking is activated, there is the option of quick measurement within the start screen. The heart rate is then displayed for 5 minutes on the display below the time.

Easy to use
The operation of the iD.RUN HR is very simple and intuitive. Each of the four buttons is assigned a clear function. Good readability makes it easy to know the most important training parameters and large icons help navigate the menu. Press "+" and "-" to move forward or backward in the menu or within the Training views. Confirm with "Enter" and exit with "Stop" from the menu item or from the training session.

8 languages
There are eight different languages:
English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Polish and Czech

Multifaceted training analysis
The iD.RUN HR offers a varied training evaluation. You can get first insights into the individual training units and the monthly training statistics in the clock display itself. For a more detailed analysis, the data can be read out via NFC with an Android smart phone and stored in the SIGMA LINK app. If you connect the operating system via USB cable to the DATA CENTER on your PC, the training data can be evaluated in even greater detail.

Integrated activity tracking
An activity tracker is integrated into the iD.RUN HR for extra motivation. The daily activity percentage is displayed on the start screen. It shows the steps, the calorie consumption, the distance travelled and the progress on the way to the day's target. The daily goals are rewarded additionally with cups in bronze, silver and gold. The activity tracker can also be deactivated.

Long running time
The integrated battery lasts up to 14 days depending on usage. The maximum running time is reached in stand-by mode, and up to 6 hours are possible in the training mode. The iD.RUN HR is fully charged again within a short time using the included USB cable.

Acceleration sensor
The current distance is determined by GPS. If you want to do a training session without GPS, the iD.RUN HR can also calculate the distance using an acceleration sensor.
The cadence and step length are determined by means of an acceleration sensor. Conclusions can be arrived at with it, for example, on the running technique and the fatigue condition.
The integrated acceleration sensor is continuously calibrated during a training session. When you turn off the GPS (e.g. on the treadmill), the speed and distance can be determined by the sensor.

Data exchange via NFC
NFC means Near Field Communication and is an international transmission standard for the wireless exchange of data over very short distances. The transfer via NFC is only possible by Android smart phones. The smart phone is placed on the iD.RUN HR and the data exchange already starts within the opened SIGMA LINK app.

Scratch-resistant mineral glass
The used mineral glass lens is clearly more scratch-resistant than plastic. In addition, the reflection of sunlight is minimised and the display contrast is maximised.

The iD.RUN HR is waterproof and tested according to IPX8 standard. This means that it is protected when completely immersed in a water depth of one metre for about 30 minutes. But the button should not be pressed.

Higher wear comfort
The high-quality silicone wrist strap of the iD.RUN HR is very flexible and therefore very comfortable to wear. Large holes ensure pleasant ventilation. The optimal fit also favours the accuracy of the pulse measurement on the wrist because the sensor must always be close to the skin. The practical double buckle fixes the strap even under heavy load.

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