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Velodators SIGMA ROX 11.0 GPS black

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The ROX GPS 11.0 is the training tool for users with the highest demands. The new sport profiles can be diversely adapted using the DATA CENTER. Strava Live segments encourage users to get more personal bests. With GPS route navigation and numerous features, the ROX GPS 11.0 is your ideal companion.

Bike functions:
Current speed
Average development
Average speed
Calories (HR based)
Maximum speed

Altimeter functions:
Current level
Height profile
Climb rate in m/min
Slope (in%)

Navigation functions:
Direction of travel
Distance to destination
Track view
Estimated Time Of Arrival
Time to Target

Temperature functions:
Current temperature
Maximum temperature
Minimum temperature

Heart rate functions available only with HR BELT R1 DUO COMFORTEX+ (sold separately, not included):
% Of maximum HR
Average % of maximum HR
Average HR
Graphical representation of intensity zones
HR profile
Max. HR
Minimum HR
Target zone

Barometric altitude measurement
Up to 600 h log capacity
Shimano Di2: battery status, gears, chainring, cog, translation
Digital 3-axis compass
Creation of individual training programs
Graphical data analysis in DATA CENTER
Sport profiles
Strava Live segments
Waterproof (IPX 8)
Waypoints with customized text

Training time
Time (12/24)

Cadence functions availbale only with R2 DUO COMBO cadence sensor (sold separately, not included):
Current cadence
Average cadence
Maximum cadence
Pedalier Index
Pedaling time

Performance functions requires Power sensor with ANT+ compatibility (not included), otherwise it will be calculated and will not be precise:
30 Sec/10 Sec/3 Sec - Average balance
30 Sec/10 Sec /3 Sec- Average performance
Power in kj
Average balance
Average power
Intensity Factor (IF)
Output in % FTP
Powerratio watt/kg
Power target zone
Power zones
Maximum Power
Normalized Power (NP)
Pedal Smoothness
Torque Effectiveness (-% / -%)
Training Stress Score (TSS)

Uphill Functions:
Average development uphill
Average speed uphill
Average rate of climb uphill
Average uphill gradient
Altitude gain
Maximum height
Maximum rate of climb uphill
Maximum incline uphill
Distance uphill
Training time uphill

Downhill Functions:
Average development downhill
Average speed downhill
Average rate of climb downhill
Average slope downhill
Altitude loss
Maximum rate of climb downhill
Maximum slope downhill
Track down
Training time downhill

Status functions:
Battery status display in %
GPS accuracy

Size: 73,5mm x 50 mm x 21,5mm
Display: 1,7"-Full-Dot-Matrix-LCD with 160x128px
Weight: 61 g

Includes: Wireless bicycle computer SIGMA ROX 11.0 GPS black, ROX GPS mounting bracket, micro-USB cable, SIGMA DATA CENTER, User manual

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