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Treniņu paklājs Elite Trainer Folding Mat

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Cena: €25,90 25.9 €32,00

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Cena: €25,90 25.9 €32,00
The new foldable, anti-slip FOLDING MAT is one of this year's most interesting additions to strengthen your Elite pain cave with new tools and give an extra boost to your indoor workouts. This new black mat with white logo, very light and foldable, increases the comfort of your home cycling setup and at the same time protects the surfaces you train on every day with an easy to use, store and transport tool, with a small footprint, that you can store everywhere in your house.

Light and foldable - The FOLDING MAT is a lighter, softer alternative to the Training Mat, used by cycling's biggest names, designed for you to easily fold the mat when you finish working out and store it anywhere, with a small footprint.

Size: 1800 x 900 mm
Weight: 1,3 kg
Material: polyester fibre, Anti-slip PVC

ANTI-SLIP - Its anti-slip rear area ensures great floor grip for the bicycle-connected hometrainer to the FOLDING MAT, so workouts are always conducted in the maximum possible stability conditions.

Additional protection for your surfaces - The anti-slip rear area of the FOLDING MAT ensures the ideal floor grip for the bicycle-connected hometrainer, so you can give it all when you sprint and have exceptional stability of your pain cave. FOLDING MAT ensures great stability and absorbs shocks and vibrations, therefore it's essential to protect the surfaces you train on from your sweat during intense workouts on the bicycle and Riser Block movements.

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