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Pudele RaceOne XR1 600ml black-silver

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Bottle Raceon XR1 600ml. Specific importance was given, in the development of XR1, to the use of biocompatible materials, for alimentary use, which observe the international laws.
PROTECTIVE COVER - Made of PP Random, against mud and dirt, suitable for use in extreme conditions, keeping the drinking area clean.
BLOCKAGE - Made of a biocompatible material.
CAP - Made in Polyamide for food use, high resistance to the hits, cold weather and with serigraphy graphic. You can completely disassemble it.
ANTI-SLIP NICKS - Special design of the bottle with the anti-slip nicks, which you can find also on the cap. This make possible a better handle in all conditions.
GRAPHIC - External graphics made with inks that comply with European legislation.
BOTTLE Made of PE of Low Density for MEDICAL USE, materials observing the ROHS and FDA regulations. Free of unpleasant odour.
Capacity: 600ml

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